Young people helping Council
  • Tuesday 14 October 2008

Council is calling for young people from all walks of life to get involved in shaping the future of the Sunshine Coast through its youth engagement project.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the contribution from the younger generations is vital to the longevity of a successful future.

“Young people contribute to the creativity and vibrancy of our community and we need a way to be able to listen to their ideas and concerns on issues that affect them,” Cr Abbot said.

Fifteen young people will be employed as part of the Youth Management Team for the project. Council need young people from all types of backgrounds, interests and experiences to work with Council on running projects, activities and events for young people across the Coast.

“These projects will gather information, issues and ideas relevant to young people living on the Coast and develop a framework to engage them in civic life, decision making and implementing change at a regional and local level.

“This youth engagement project will position young people as an integral part of the Council’s decision making processes.

This framework will inform Council on how to engage young people as residents, customers, participants and decision makers.

The information collected from the project will then become the basis of policies and programs relating to young people across Council.

All young people interested in applying should contact Katie Edmiston on 5449 5104 or email