Work on Pattemore House begins
  • Tuesday 17 May 2011

Pattemore House, the historic centrepiece of Maleny’s Community Precinct, is undergoing conservation works.

The conservation works need to be done to bring the heritage house up to public building standards, architect Roger Todd said.

"This will involve making toilets accessible, installing ramps for wheelchairs and fitting fire alarm devices," he said.

"But the biggest job will be making it cyclone-proof using tie-down bracing."

The work will be done under the watchful and caring eyes of the Friends of Pattemore House group, whom Mr Todd said would be seeking out architectural artefacts missing from the original design.

"We will conserve the house for public use," he said.

"The variety of such uses has not been fully determined yet, but it will be able to be used by other precinct groups, council, and potentially other groups as a public events location, including catering."

Mr Todd said proposed landscaping works around the house as part of the conservation will help the venue evolve, making its potential progressively clearer, and works would be completed by June 30, weather permitting.

Division 5 councillor Jenny McKay said she was pleased to see work starting.

"Pattemore House will be the first component of the precinct to come into public use," she said.

"I am very much looking forward to its opening as the journey to get to this point has been a long one.

"The conservation of Pattemore House is a big step in preserving Maleny’s history and culture and it’s wonderful that the house is part of the precinct."