Wedding and reception venue proposal for Tinbeerwah
  • Wednesday 05 November 2008

Sunshine Coast Council Regional Strategy and Planning Committee has endorsed a recommendation to refuse an application for a wedding reception and accommodation business at Tinbeerwah.

The proposed development, which would cater for up to 100 guests at weekly weddings, provide on-site accommodation in four guest rooms and parking for 22 vehicles, was discussed at today’s committee meeting before being referred to the full council for consideration at next week’s Ordinary meeting.

Regional Strategy and Planning Director (North), Raul Weychardt, said the development application was made for a home based business but its scale, not only put it outside of the nominated classification but had attracted substantial public interest.

“The proposed development does not fit the definition of a Home Based Business under the Noosa Plan,” Mr Weychardt said.

“Refusal has been recommended for this reason and because of the impact of traffic, noise, possible public nuisance and lighting which would significantly affect the amenity of this rural living area.”

Mr Weychardt said the Council had received more than 60 submissions from residents of the Tinbeerwah locality who had raised objections on valid planning grounds.

The application will now be discussed on Thursday 13 November at the Ordinary meeting to be held at Nambour.