We are one of the best places in Australia…
  • Thursday 22 October 2015

…For technology businesses to grow and prosper. The Sunshine Coast was one of three finalists for the Innovative Regions Award at last night’s Australian Technologies Competition Awards Gala event in Sydney.

While the top prize was taken out by Greater Adelaide (SA), Mark Mayor Jamieson said the Sunshine Coast could be extremely proud of its top three placing.

“This award recognises Australia’s leading regions for small and medium enterprise emerging technologies companies,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“For a region like the Sunshine Coast with our population of around 300,000 to sit just behind   Greater Adelaide that has a population of nearly 1.3million people is wonderful recognition that we’re building on our enviable lifestyle to also create an environment where the industries of the future can thrive.

“It’s also worth remembering that since we nominated for this award in March, we’ve announced even more initiatives that support the business and technology sector like the Undersea Cable Project, as well as Digital Sunshine Coast and a new schedule of Qantas business flights in and out of the Sunshine Coast.

“The region has also seen a range of new co-working spaces and incubators like the Board Room, Share Space and the Spark Bureau business accelerator commence operations. So it just goes to show what a fast-developing environment the technology industry is and how the Sunshine Coast is being proactive in these innovative areas to compete with other regions across Australia.

“The Smart City Framework, Innovation Centre and Business Gateway initiatives are other great initiatives helping emerging technology companies succeed within our region.

“Being a finalist for this prestigious award also highlights that we’re on the right path with the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy that has identified seven high-value industries – including education and research, knowledge industries and clean technologies – as keys to future employment and economic strength.

“We’ve established industry Taskforces to plan for our future and to start delivering on our economic promise. This is an industry-led initiative. More than 50 businesses are represented across seven industry taskforces and over 100 organisations were involved in the development of the Industry and Investment Plans.

“So we have leading local business people with specific knowledge of industry issues and needs driving these plans into action.”

The Sunshine Coast was nominated as a finalist in June alongside Greater Adelaide and The Hunter Region in NSW.

Mayor Jamieson said the finalist regions were judged to provide the most supportive environment for small to medium enterprise (SME) emerging technology companies.

“Judges assessed existing programs, networking opportunities and other characteristics,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Among the exciting innovation activities we were recognised for as part of this award include the Sunshine Coast Business Gateway that enables local companies to access local projects.

“Our Smart City Framework also establishes a non-traditional, systematic approach to meeting the connectivity needs of local businesses.”

For more information about the Australian Technologies Competition visit www.austechcomp.com.