Waste education set to save the Coast thousands
  • Thursday 30 June 2011

Less than 12 months after residents demanded more information about recycling, Sunshine Coast Council has delivered a comprehensive education pack to every household on the Sunshine Coast.

In July 2010 council undertook the most rigorous study on waste management in the region’s history and followed it with another last February.

The message residents gave was loud and clear—they wanted more detailed information and they wanted it delivered to their doorstep.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Keryn Jones said council has listened to residents.

"This is the most comprehensive information pack we’ve ever sent out and includes a recycling calendar, waste information brochure and new recycling sticker," Cr Jones said.

"Audits show that while many residents said they were confident in what they could recycle, over 20% of the waste in domestic waste bins is recyclable but still ending up in the rubbish bin—that’s a landfill cost of around $1.7 million each year.

"This initiative will help to increase the quality and quantity of waste being recycled, which is not just good for the environment but as figures show, makes great economic sense.

"Delivery to the door means we’re making it easy for people to get the right information, quickly and conveniently and at just $1.20 a package, the savings will be worth it."

Manager Waste and Resources Management Wayne Schafer said that recycling had increased by 9% since council launched its waste management strategy in 2009.

"That’s a saving of over a quarter of a million dollars per annum and this latest education program is expected to see further improvement," Mr Schafer said.

"The Sunshine Coast landfills 210,000, tonnes of waste each year, at a cost of 18 million dollars.

"So, with over 20% of recyclables still ending up in landfill, anything we can do as a community to reduce this figure will save money and protect the environment."