Volunteers thanked for registering to help
  • Friday 14 January 2011

Sunshine Coast Council, Volunteers Sunshine Coast and Volunteers Queensland have received 250 calls over the past few days from people in our community offering to help.

Manager of Community Programs, Mike Lollback said these wonderful gestures of support from across the Sunshine Coast are very much appreciated and all details provided locally have been passed on to Volunteers Queensland.

“We thank every caller for their offers of support and for taking the time to call and/or go online to register their support.

“Volunteers Queensland will take the lead in co-ordinating the voluntary efforts required to assist with the massive helping hand that many communities will need.

“As soon as they are informed of the full extent of devastation and where the help of volunteers can best be directed, they will prioritise tasks – matching offers to needs – and will make contact with individuals.

Volunteers may hear back from either their local Volunteer agency, Sunshine Coast Volunteers or direct from Volunteers Queensland.

Anyone wanting to register their availability as a Volunteer can send an email direct to Volunteers Queensland at: http://bit.ly/VolQLDCREW