Visit council’s Life Lounge at Sunshine Coast WED festival
  • Thursday 18 June 2009

This year at the festival, council has an exciting interactive guaranteed display to stimulate young minds and make the older ones reconsider some of their daily actions.

‘Life Lounge’ is a real life space displaying everyday household items and the effect using them has on the environment.

Come and learn what happens to the environment when you flush the toilet, eat non-local produce for dinner or put chemicals and other wastes down the kitchen sink.

Find out the answers to questions such as: What plants should I plant in my garden and which ones are weeds? What can I recycle? How can I make my own compost and worm farm? and many more.

Council officers will teach you how to be more sustainable at home and at work every day, as it’s important to consider your impact on the environment all year round—environmental sustainability isn’t isolated to just one day or month a year.

Council has lots of programs and activities that run all year round for residents and businesses to get involved in, such as the Living Smart, Travel Smart and EcoBiz programs.

We look forward to seeing you on the day. Council needs your help to achieve its vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is proud to be a major sponsor and partner for the second Sunshine Coast World Environment Day festival.