Upgrades coming for Coolum skate park
  • Thursday 20 October 2016
Coolum skate park

Planning for an upgraded skate park at Coolum has progressed to the next stage after the community provided its feedback on the future of the popular recreational spot.

Originally built in 2004, the skate park will undergo a number of improvements including a small extension to the skate area with new street elements, better drainage in the skate bowl, new spectator seating and improved lighting as well as some repairs to the existing facility.

The project has been allocated $120,000 in council’s 2016/17 Capital Works budget plus $35,000 from the councillor divisional funds for Division Nine and was identified in the Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan 2011.

Detailed design work for the upgrade will now take place as the next step in upgrading the park.

Division Nine Councillor Steve Robinson thanked the community for engaging in the public consultation period earlier this year which focussed on future use of the skate park and its location in Tickle Park.

“From the feedback we received, there was clearly more support for a general skate park upgrade than a specific beginners’ area which was an option that had been suggested,” Cr Robinson said.

“The expanded skate area will be to the rear of the existing skate bowl and will not impact on the Coolum Boardriders who have a long-term association with the park.

“There will be no loss of car parking associated with the expansion and while some trees will need to be removed to allow the work to take place, these will be replaced along with additional shade tree planting.

“The end result will be an improved skate park that I’m sure the users will appreciate and enjoy.”

Cr Robinson said some residents and local businesses had proposed relocating the skate park from Tickle Park to another park in Coolum.

“The current skate park is a significant and highly valued council asset and provides a terrific amenity for the community - across the ages,” Cr Robinson said.

“An advantage of this skate park’s location is that it offers a high level of round-the-clock passive surveillance in order to help deter anti-social behaviour and provide a safe place for the community to use.  

“At this stage, council cannot consider removing such a high-value asset as there are no funds to replace it.

“Council will consider other options in the future should funds become available for a major upgrade.”   


The skating community were asked to provide feedback on how they use the current skate park and what elements will be included in the upgrade. 

  • The majority of users visit the skate park daily 
  • Skateboards are the most popular wheels used in the skate park
  • Most popular times are in the morning and late afternoon
  • The most common reason for riding is for fun
  • Most skaters have been “skating for a while”
  • New elements to be included in the upgrade (most popular responses) – mini ramps, rails, kickers, volcanoes, china banks, frames and spines.