Unified opposition to Traveston Crossing Dam
  • Wednesday 10 June 2009

Sunshine Coast councillors have formalised their opposition to the Traveston Crossing Dam, voting unanimously against the project on environmental, sustainability, social and economic grounds.

The decision taken at last week’s ordinary meeting reaffirms the position held by the former Noosa and Maroochy shire councils prior to amalgamation.

Division 12 Councillor, Lew Brennan said that councillors agreed that it was important to take a stand against the project and inform the community of their views.

“This was a unanimous decision—council is very passionate about rejecting this dam,” Cr Brennan said.

“Council opposes the dam for several key reasons, the first being that it is not compatible with council’s vision for the Sunshine Coast to be Australia’s most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse.

“Council also felt that the dam environment impact statement had not adequately demonstrated that the negative impacts of the dam could be managed.

“The proposed dam will lead to the loss of irreplaceable good quality agricultural land and to significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

“As our population continues to increase, water security for the region becomes more important but there are other sustainable water management approaches that could be used as an alternative—options that won’t displace families and businesses,” Cr Brennan said.

Cr Brennan said that the council will inform the Premier of its position and urge the Commonwealth to veto the project.

“The proposed dam has already taken enough of a toll of the life of families, farmers and communities in the region.”