Travel only if you need to and check road conditions first
  • Wednesday 25 January 2012

Queensland Fire Services undertook seven swift water rescues overnight - a clear indication that some people are not heeding the message to give flooded roads a miss.

Local Disaster Co-ordinator, Alan Rogers is again calling on motorists to err on the side of caution if they need to travel.

"Council’s Facebook site at will be updated regularly with information about road closures so please check it before getting into your car," said Mr Rogers.

"And remember – if it’s flooded – forget it! Do not cross a flooded road. Doing so puts not only your life at risk but the lives of the emergency workers called out to help.

"Residents preparing for Australia Day activities tomorrow are also asked to check council’s website and contact organisers to get the latest information about events – some have already been cancelled.

"And if you do head out tomorrow – again check road conditions before you leave."

Council’s indoor Australia Day event at Caloundra Event Centre is, at this stage, still scheduled to go ahead. Check council’s Facebook or the web for updates.

Emergency Services Queensland are reminding home owners to use a predicted lull in the weather this afternoon or tomorrow (refer to Bureau of Meteorology for updates) to check or recheck drains and gutters for debris in readiness for further heavy rainfalls expected on Friday evening and over the weekend.