Trade and Investment commissioners meet on the Coast
  • Monday 12 October 2015

Trade and Investment Queensland’s (TIQ’s) overseas-based commissioners have been given an in-depth look at the outstanding range of exporters, businesses looking to export and the region’s major investment prospects as part of a two-day visit to the Sunshine Coast.

A networking reception, hosted by Mayor Mark Jamieson and TIQ CEO Andrew Tulloch, was held in Mooloolaba on Friday evening where a number of local businesses got the opportunity to speak directly with the commissioners about their products and services and how TIQ can assist them in their respective markets.

The Commissioners were highly impressed with the calibre of the Sunshine Coast businesses who were present.

“This was a truly historic and very successful occasion,” Mayor Mark Jamieson said.

“We are not aware of any previous time where we have had the Trade and Investment Commissioners all together here on the Sunshine Coast.

“But more importantly, they have left here filled with excitement about the export and investment opportunities this region has on offer and are well placed to help promote our region and its products and services for export.”

Mayor Jamieson said the timing of the commissioners’ visit couldn’t have been better.

“This region is really in an ideal position in terms of its economic performance, the lifestyle we offer and our environmental credentials,” he said.

Council highly values its relationship with Trade and Investment Queensland which provides invaluable connections to overseas markets.

“In effect, they represent a shopfront for us in some very key markets,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Council has already established strong relationships with a number of the commissioners and it’s been a great opportunity to have them here with us, as well as to develop our relationships with commissioners that we haven’t spent as much time with.

“They are all critical partners to us as we build the economy of our region and position ourselves in a global marketplace.

“To have them here seeing firsthand what is happening is a big benefit for our region and it was very important for our local exporters that they had the chance to speak face-to-face with the commissioners about opportunities for them.

“The value of the Australian dollar and new free trade agreements will make a big difference in terms of our export competitiveness and we have many businesses here on the Coast looking to take advantage of that.

“The reality is that the future is very much here on the Sunshine Coast.”

The Trade and Investment Commissioners who visited the Sunshine Coast were:

  • Donna Massie (United Arab Emirates).
  • Zijian Zhang (China)
  • Ken Smith (United Kingdom, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Parag Shirname (India)
  • Oka Simanjuntak (Indonesia)
  • Tak Adachi (Japan)
  • Daniel Kim (South Korea)
  • David Camerlengo (North America)
  • Alex Pessagno (Latin America)
  • Murray Davis (Taiwan)