Time no longer standing still in Kenilworth
  • Wednesday 18 May 2011

For around two years, the good burghers of Kenilworth have stoically put up with their town clock being correct only twice every 24 hours.

But the days of saying "meet you at five-to-nine or so" in the main street – given that was the only time available on the clock – are now thankfully over, thanks to Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce and local councillor Paul Tatton.

Immediate past chamber president Michael Pfeiffer said the town clock was bought out of the $300 for Kenilworth’s – and Queensland’s – first Tidy Towns win, in 1973.

But the power supply to the clock was, well, untimely at times.

"Over the past five to six years, the clock’s time-keeping became a bit dubious," Mr Pfeiffer said.

"At some stages, you could pick which side you wanted to read – either that would make you early, late or on time depending on whether you read the north or south face of the clock."

Then when Energex upgraded the local distribution lines, power to the clock went off altogether.

But times change in Kenilworth – and the chamber of commerce took it upon itself to see whether the clock could be moved or re-connected.

"Finally, after several attempts, Kenilworth now has an operating town clock which shows the same time on both sides, is more or less accurate, and more importantly costs nothing to run as it is solar-powered," Mr Pfeiffer said.

"The chamber would like to acknowledge the efforts that Cr Paul Tatton made, to see that the town clock was refurbished and that Kenilworth no longer had to face being permanently stuck at 8.55am or pm."