There's more for you on new and improved MyMaps
  • Thursday 26 November 2020

Did you know there’s a one-stop online shop where you can search everything from marine turtle nest locations and dog-friendly areas to updates on development and information about properties in your street? 

Council’s new and improved MyMaps online web mapping platform provides public access to a wide range of important information about the Sunshine Coast, including local development and details about facilities and services near you.

Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson said MyMaps was now more user-friendly and convenient after an extensive upgrade.

“MyMaps is one of several online development tools offered by Sunshine Coast Council. It enables users to access information about their own properties, underground services like storm water, electrical and communication infrastructure,” Cr Dickson said.

“It also offers maps showing regional facilities, services and attractions, Divisional boundary maps that show which areas elected representatives are responsible for.

“You can also view maps that explain the application of local laws such as animal management and parking regulations. 

“MyMaps is used by a wide range of people within the Sunshine Coast region including people within the development and real estate industries, land owners, community groups, civil engineers, event planners and schools and universities,” Cr Dickson said. 

“After surveying many of the people who regularly use MyMaps, council was able to make a number of upgrades and improvements to the platform including mobile responsiveness and the ability to download even more information and data about the Sunshine Coast.”

Businesses can also benefit from using MyMaps by accessing information about council’s current major projects and contractors for cleaning services, landscape maintenance, street cleaning, slashing and turf maintenance.

To access MyMaps, click on the development tools and guidelines tab on council’s website.