The cat’s out of the bag, pet registration renewals are on the way
  • Friday 20 August 2021
Cat registered SC

Have you cosied up to a collared companion during the pandemic? If so, set a reminder in your calendar for 30 September to renew your pet registration.

Annual pet registration renewals are on the way, either by post or email, to owners of the 64,294 cats and dogs registered on the Sunshine Coast.

Pet registration helps Sunshine Coast Council reunite lost pets with their owners as well as provide funding for services such as education programs to promote responsible pet ownership, reuniting and care of lost animals and animal management within the community.

Registration fees also support our pet partnerships through council’s grants programs.

Information gathered from pet registration helps council plan for dog parks and other pet facilities.

Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson reminded residents that registrations were not only a safe way to reunite missing pets with owners, it was required by law.

“In the Sunshine Coast region, there are 52,976 registered dogs, an increase of 2739 on the same time last year, and 11,318 cats, 707 more than last year,” Cr Dickson said.

“We anticipate there are many more not registered, particularly with so many new residents moving to the Sunshine Coast over the past 12 months.

“New residents can transfer their cat or dog registration from another region for free if registered within 14 days of moving to the Sunshine Coast. So if you’ve recently moved, now is the time to contact us and register your pet.

“Or if you’ve added a new pet to your family or had them de-sexed, get in touch and update your details.”

Significant discounts apply for de-sexed and micro-chipped pets, with the cost being just $15 or free for pensioners.

There is also the option of a lifetime registration for de-sexed and micro-chipped cats – only $85 with no annual renewal fee required.

Registration is free for pets under six-months-old.

The annual registration period for cats and dogs starts on 1 October each year and runs through until 30 September the following year.

Renewal of pet registration is due by 30 September 2021.

There are several convenient payment methods available, including online payments via MyCouncil or BPay, over the phone or at a council customer contact centre. Where possible, online payment is preferred.

Pet owners can also update their pet’s details, including changes to de-sexing, micro-chipping and pensioner details or cancelling your pet’s registration if you no longer own your pet, via MyCouncil or an online form on council’s website.

For more information visit council’s website and search for ‘Pet Registration’.

Dog registration is required under the Queensland Government Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 and cat registration is required under Sunshine Coast Council Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011.


The top five dog names registered with council are:






The top five cat names registered with council are: