Taskforce offers to assist ULDA with housing affordability at Caloundra South
  • Monday 13 December 2010

The Sunshine Coast Housing Affordability Taskforce has offered to work with the Urban Land Development Authority to identify products and price points that will improve affordability for the Caloundra South development.

Caloundra South was recently declared an Urban Development Area, with the planning responsibilities transferred to the ULDA, a state government body created as a result of the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy.

Sunshine Coast Housing Affordability Taskforce Chair, Cr Anna Grosskreutz said that she sees Caloundra South as a good opportunity to increase the supply of affordable housing on the Coast.

"Caloundra South presents a unique opportunity to create a community from scratch that not only provides affordable house prices, but also delivers on the principles of affordable living with diverse communities that have good access to public transport, services and employment," Cr Grosskreutz said.

Housing Affordability Task Force member and senior lecturer in Regional and Urban Planning at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Claudia Baldwin, said that the taskforce looks forward to the opportunity to work with the ULDA and Minister Hinchcliffe to set targets and appropriate price points in Caloundra South.

"To improve affordability Caloundra South will need to deliver housing that is affordable to households on low to moderate incomes," Ms Baldwin said.

"The ULDA plans should identify targets and appropriate price points that will enable housing to be affordable for rent and purchase for these households.

"We have been working on these issues for some time and we believe that the Taskforce has the technical and local expertise to assist the ULDA with these complex issues."