Targets, taxes and levies
  • Tuesday 08 November 2011

Sunshine Coast Council launched an online discussion forum today that will give Coast residents a chance to have a say on how waste is collected and managed into the future.

The forum is open until 20 November 2011 and feedback will help council decide how to set up a new waste collection contract that will start from 2014.

In order to meet strict waste reduction targets, the new contract must find an alternative way to process the waste it collects from Sunshine Coast homes.

Residents can expect to see significant changes to the way their waste is collected and processed and are encouraged to have their say before any decisions are made.

State legislation requires council to divert 65% of household waste from landfill by 2020; council’s own aspirational target is 70% by 2014—current diversion figures are sitting at 33%.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Keryn Jones said that to meet these targets and reduce financial exposure to the state waste levy and federal carbon tax, council must find a way to reduce waste to landfill.

"We can do this by encouraging residents to reduce landfill waste at their homes, which is the cheapest method and can be very rewarding – but it is not possible or practical for everyone, so, as council’s adopted waste strategy indicates, we will need a purpose built waste treatment facility," Cr Jones said.

"There are a number of options up for consideration and a lot of variables - what type of facility or what type of bin configurations for instance - but as yet no decisions have been made.

"The community will guide the decision and we are actively engaging with Sunshine Coast residents to get their feedback before 20 November.

"So far, council has recruited a cross section of the Sunshine Coast community to take part in three dialogue sessions. Over the course of three weeks, participants will get an in-depth look into waste management challenges and targets and what they mean for domestic waste collection into the future.

"Their feedback will be captured and used in an online discussion forum that will be updated regularly between 7 to 20 November with questions, discussion topics, FAQ’s and information."

For those without access to the internet, hard copy questionnaires will be available in council offices from 10 November, otherwise residents should visit Council's website by 20 November 2011.

Further information about the strategic direction for waste management across the Sunshine Coast and Queensland is available at:

Visit Council's website to view Sunshine Coast Council’s Waste Minimisation Strategy 2009 – 2014

Visit DERM website to view Queensland’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategy 2010 – 2020

Visit DERM website for State Waste Levy Information.