Take extra care at the beach this weekend
  • Friday 14 January 2011

In addition to the usual Slip, Slop, Slap sun smart message, Sunshine Coast Council is advising another safety message for beach goers this weekend.

Scott Braby, Lifeguard Services Manager said we can expect a lot of debris to be washing up on our beaches over the coming weeks and we need to be alert for this as well as items floating in the water or hidden beneath the waves.

“Because of the recent flooding, our beaches can be dangerous this weekend and care will need to be taken.

“Combine the danger created by floating and hidden debris, with increasing tides, swells and wave surges - going to the beach for the next few weeks will be hazardous.

“Some of our beaches will be closed over the weekend due to the surf conditions and others like Bulcock, Golden and Currimundi Beaches will remain closed as a precaution because of possible contamination,” Scott said.

Stay safe, keep watch for debris both on the beach and in the water and check the Sunshine Coast Council website for details about beach closures.