Take care during cleanups
  • Thursday 31 January 2013

The Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Recovery Committee is urging locals and tourists to exercise caution in the aftermath of the weekend’s wild weather event.

Deputy Mayor and recovery committee Chair, Cr Chris Thompson said a number of potential hazards still existed despite weather conditions improving.

“Apart from a very small section of Noosa Main Beach, all other Sunshine Coast beaches remain closed due to the dangerous surf conditions and it’s extremely important that people adhere to these closures until beaches are re-opened,” he said.

“While it may be tempting to go for a swim in these hot conditions, there is still a lot of dangerous debris still in the water that can cause a danger to swimmers.

“I’d also strongly urge people to stay well clear of beach sand dunes which can become very unstable as a result of rough surf conditions and can collapse without warning.

“There is also good reason to avoid the foam that has been washing up on our beaches over the last few days it as it could potentially carry toxins that can pose health risks.”

Cr Thompson said council’s waste transfer stations would continue to accept storm debris free of charge until close of business on Sunday.

“So there is plenty of time for those cleaning up around their homes to take their storm debris and storm damaged items, including food-stuffs, to a local tip where it can be dumped without charge,” he said.

“Remember to assist by separating your recoverable products such as green waste and metal items from other items such as food-stuffs, so it can be processed appropriately.

“If you are unable to get to a tip, please be patient. We recommend double-bagging your contaminated food items and ensuring that bin lids are closed to minimise odours and health risks.

“Council’s waste services have received over 800 calls relating primarily to missed services. So if your waste or recycling collection service in your area is interrupted or delayed, please leave your bin out the front of your property and it will be emptied within a day or two, or as soon as possible.

“While the impact on our road network appears to be minimal, council officers are continuing to carry out assessments around the region.

“If people are aware of damage to roads and streets, we encourage them to report it by contacting council via the website.

For life threatening emergencies call 000.

For emergency help in storms and floods call SES 132 500

For electricity issues and information:

13 19 62 (Emergency)
13 62 62 (Loss of supply)
13 12 53 (Enquiries)
Energex website

For more information and updates, tune in to your local radio station or visit the Sunshine Coast Council website and facebook page.


  • 1564 calls answered by council’s customer service centre (on 29 January)

- 197 emails recieved

- 36 web chats

- 70 eRequests

  • 3026 total transactions at council’s waste transfer stations for storm damaged greenwaste (from 28 January to 1pm, 30 January)
  • 7,400 local homes currently without power (15,000 were without power yesterday)
  • 90% of mobile phone coverage restored on Sunshine Coast.
  • 219,539 page views on council’s website (from January 24 to January 29)