Swap your weeds for free native plants
  • Wednesday 22 April 2015

Council is hosting 22 weed swap events across the Sunshine Coast region from May 1-30, offering residents the chance to replace backyard pests with free native plants through its War on Weeds program.

Weed swaps run for one to two hours and to take part, residents just need to bring along one shopping bag of weeds which they can then swap for three free native plants.

A full list of weed swap locations is available on Council's website - http://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/sitePage.cfm?code=weed-war

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said this was a great way for people to replace invasive weeds with natives.

“More than 75% of environmental weeds have entered Australia from overseas as garden plants,” Cr McKay said.

“Even native plants from other parts of Queensland and Australia have become weeds on the Sunshine Coast.

“Unfortunately when those tropical beauties, brought in for smell, colour and appearance, escape the back fence, they pose a real threat to our native plants and wildlife.

“At each weed swap location, officers and community conservation groups will be on hand to answer questions and offer suggestions.”

To help identify backyard weeds, residents can refer to Council publications “Our locals are beauties” which highlight both native and weed species common to the Sunshine Coast or visit Council’s website where weed identification and control resources are available.

Weed friendly garden practices can reduce the spread of weeds into bushland areas.

To be weed friendly:

  • Remove identified weeds from your garden and replace them with native species.
  • Never dump garden or other waste in bushland areas.
  • Compost your garden clippings or place them in your wheelie bin.