Surf Air dunes to be protected
  • Tuesday 08 December 2009

Sunshine Coast Council will create a formal beach access to protect and rehabilitate the damaged sand dune behind Surfair at Marcoola.

The work will take place during January on business days so it does not interrupt weekend wedding bookings.

Division eight councillor Debbie Blumel said council will build a fence to formalize the beach access for both people and emergency vehicles to assist the damaged sand dune to re-establish and to prevent the sand blow from escalating.

"The open area behind the Surf Air is a popular place but it is showing signs of being loved to death,” Cr Blumel said.

“Vegetation was recently disturbed on the southern side of the opening and a sand blow formed very quickly and took off over the grassed area towards the north.

“Council has decided that the best solution is to formalise the area to control the sand blow and erosion and allow the restoration of damaged vegetation.

"We have consulted with all of the stakeholders and everyone now understands that this work is necessary if we are to stop further erosion and retain the environmental and scenic values that make it such a special place."

The beach access will start at 3 metres, widening to up to 4.5 metres at the corner to allow emergency vehicle access and widening at the beach end to 5 metres.

Local volunteers groups will work with council to plant native shrubs and trees on both sides of the fence to aid the rehabilitation.