Sunshine Coast Airport prepares for special Santa visit
  • Saturday 20 December 2008

Sunshine Coast Airport is all set for one of its most important visitors for the year with the arrival of SANTA 1 direct from the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Coming off one of its biggest years on record, Sunshine Coast Airport General Manager Peter Pallot said airport staff were spending a considerable amount of time preparing for Santa’s arrival.

“We are told that Santa will be visiting most homes on the Sunshine Coast so it’s a very busy visit for him. Santa has requested a number of supplies for his team of reindeers including hay, carrots, milk, chocolates and the big fellow has also asked for a few of his own favourite locally produced delicacies.

“Airport staff have also spent a lot of time polishing the runway lights to ensure Santa does not confuse the Airport’s impressive new entrance road with the actual runway.

“We have also negotiated special arrangements with the Air Traffic controllers to grant Santa clear airspace over the entire Sunshine Coast so he can complete his deliveries on time.

“It’s one of his biggest visits in Australia so it is important that we adequately prepare for his brief stay and provide as much assistance as possible to make his trip as easy as possible,” Mr Pallot said.