Sunshine Coast Airport runway design contractor on board
  • Thursday 18 May 2017
sunshine coast airport

Another Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion project milestone has been achieved, with the design contract signed. 

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson announced Beca Consultants Pty Ltd was the successful tenderer following a competitive tender process with multiple responses from a field of designers.

“The contract, worth almost $1.9 million, will see Beca designing a new 2450m long x 45m wide compliant runway,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The $319 million project is one of council’s game changing projects ensuring the Sunshine Coast is building now for our future.

“The new runway will open up the Coast to international markets in Australia, Asia and the Western Pacific, and drive economic growth.

“New routes will boost tourism and trade and help our export businesses, particularly those operating in the food and agri-businesses sectors, so they get their products and services to markets faster and more efficiently.

Once operational from the end of 2020, the new runway is expected to contribute $4.1 billion to the Sunshine Coast economy in its first 20 years with 3500 fewer dwellings affected by noise.

Tenders were called for the runway construction earlier in the year and the evaluation process is underway.

Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project fast facts:

The airport expansion plans include:

  • 2450m long x 45m wide main runway
  • expansion of the apron
  • two end taxiway loops and navigation aids
  • a new air traffic control tower access roads and utilities.

The Project will:

  • generate more than 2230 jobs (by 2040)
  • ensure the region has a compliant runway into the future
  • provide access for larger, more fuel efficient aircraft
  • enable more direct flights to more locations in Australia, Asia and the Western Pacific
  • help boost tourism and international trade
  • help our export businesses, particularly those operating in the food and agri-business sectors, to get their products and service to markets faster and more efficiently
  • be completed by the end of 2020
  • result in 3500 fewer dwellings being affected by noise each day by 2020 and 5200 fewer dwellings by 2040.