Study to guide future recreation within Inter-Urban Break
  • Thursday 02 November 2017

Mountain bikers, four-wheel drivers, bush walkers, climbers and hikers have been called on to share their views to shape an outdoor recreation plan within the Regional Inter-Urban Break.

The Outdoor Recreation Study is being led by Sunshine Coast Council to identify and understand existing and potential future outdoor recreation activities in the Inter-Urban Break study area, which straddles the southern Sunshine Coast and northern Moreton Bay council areas.

Sunshine Coast Council is working collaboratively with Moreton Bay Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), HQPlantations and the Queensland Government’s Sport and Recreation Services. 

Division 1 Councillor Rick Baberowski encouraged local community organisations, recreation clubs and outdoor recreation enthusiasts to provide their insights into current uses in the study area to facilitate future recreation planning and infrastructure delivery.

“We’re looking to engage with as many users of the Regional Inter-Urban Break to get a snapshot of the activities they are undertaking and to understand the relationship outdoor recreation has with the natural landscapes,” Cr Baberowski said.

“This study will help us understand the current demands and potential trends on future use of the study area for various recreation purposes.

“We will also be able to identify the current barriers, challenges and opportunities in the Inter-Urban Break in relation to outdoor recreation within the relevant legislative, management and policy framework.”

Planning Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson said the study would produce an inventory of existing and potential future uses and associated opportunities to inform future outdoor recreation planning for the Regional Inter-Urban Break.

“This study focuses specifically on outdoor recreation, and how we can best facilitate and manage the demand for our outdoor recreation into the future,” Cr Dickson said.

“I encourage local residents and visitors to the area who enjoy the range of activities within the Inter-Urban Break to complete the online survey and share your views with council and help us explore the opportunities that may exist now and into the future.”

The draft report will be provided to the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation for its review to ensure all elements of outdoor recreation are factored into future planning processes.

The online survey is available here

Submissions will close on Monday, November 27.