Stockland Park’s new grandstand construction is under way
  • Saturday 18 September 2010

The new grandstand at Stockland Park moved a step closer to be becoming a reality today with the start of construction of the 1,000 plus seat stadium.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot said he was delighted that council has partnered with the Australian government to jointly fund this $10M facility bringing to an end, years of planning and at times frustration.

“I congratulate my fellow councillors for supporting this project and providing the necessary leadership to ensure the Quad Park Corporation remained operational and the grandstand is delivered,” Mayor Abbot said.

“The new grandstand will provide a huge boost to a wide range of sporting and community events, and will also provide a whole new experience for spectators.”

Quad Park Corporation chair and Division 3 Councillor Keryn Jones said she fully agreed.

“It has been a big task to pull this project together within the $10 million budget but the result is evident in the design and procurement of the project - including the awarding of the tender to Hutchinson Builders who have a strong local presence,” Cr Keryn Jones said.

“This grandstand will be the first building block - the heart of the future stadium –which can be expanded upon as needs grow and funds permit,” she said.

“What we will deliver by June 2011 is a facility that will meet the needs of our community in the short to medium term for both our regional and senior teams - as well as a venue that our junior competitors can utilise for major events and finals.”

“There is no doubt this high standard venue will be the catalyst to boost sports business in the region, however, it will also offer much wider entertainment opportunities for the Sunshine Coast community through activities such as concerts, extreme sports demonstrations and the like.”

Both Cr Abbot and Cr Jones said they were looking forward to returning in June 2011 to officially open the grandstand.

More information about the new grandstand at Stockland Park is available at