Solutions to ‘patchy’ broadband coverage on offer
  • Friday 19 April 2013

The NBN is coming – but meanwhile, Sunshine Coast businesses are exploring a number of more immediate broadband connection options.

On Wednesday, Sunshine Coast Council facilitated a Broadband Information Session at Coolum Industrial Park to gather feedback from tenants who have been experiencing often patchy broadband services.

“The industrial park-based businesses were given the opportunity to hear from six local broadband carriers,” Economic Development (emerging industries) portfolio councillor Stephen Robinson said.

“Representatives from Big Air, Cirrus, ISP Solutions, Polyfone Telecom, Telstra and Somerville put forward their solutions to local broadband issues at the Industrial Park, in effect showcasing a range of good options for businesses looking for a reliable service.”

Cr Robinson said council was taking a lead role in facilitating such sessions as part of its efforts to strengthen the Coast’s economy.

Coolum Business and Tourism Association (CBTA) President, Noel Mooney, said the information session was a “positive step” by council.

“It’s encouraging that council is getting involved with the issues currently experienced at Coolum’s large industrial precinct – and we hope this is only the start,” he said.

“Coolum Business and Tourism Association has been working closely with council on broadband issues over the past few months and we look forward to seeing some tangible outcomes and solutions achieved for our important industrial area.”

Mr Mooney said one of CBTA’s more recent goals has been to connect the local industrial precinct with the tourism and retail sector of Coolum.

“It is important to recognise that we are all working for the same economic objective - creating jobs, buying local and attracting visitors to our area,” he said.

"I extend my thanks to Sunshine Coast Council for its proactive approach in listening to our concerns. We appreciate council's recognition of the need for partnerships of this kind within local communities in order to create positive change."