Social Strategy ensures an even stronger Coast community
  • Friday 03 July 2015
Mayor Jamieson with not-for-profit organisation, community groups, government agencies and social enterprise representatives

Mayor Mark Jamieson today launched the Sunshine Coast Social Strategy 2015, outlining Council’s social priorities to contribute to a stronger Sunshine Coast community.

Mayor Jamieson said the Sunshine Coast community would continue to thrive and enjoy a lifestyle that set the region apart thanks to the endorsement of the Strategy which addresses one of the five goals identified in Council’s Corporate Plan.

“Through this Strategy, we are tackling the goal of a strong community - an engaged, resilient and inclusive community that embraces diversity,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“We now have a long-term social direction that builds on the region’s positive social attributes and we have identified four specific targets to ensure Council’s social vision is prioritised and progressed.

“Council will be focussed on maintaining our ranking as the healthiest region in Queensland and increasing the number of people who benefit from Council’s funding programs.

“We will also strive to increase the frequency residents and visitors attend Council’s major venues, aquatic facilities, libraries, gallery and events.

“Finally we want to increase the proportion of our population that contributes to volunteering.

“Measuring our progress towards our targets will keep us on track.”

At today’s launch, Mayor Jamieson acknowledged representatives of  not-for-profit organisations, community groups, government agencies and social enterprises who made very important contributions to the Social Strategy’s development.

“The people of the Sunshine Coast have a remarkable history of active involvement in community life,” he said.

“Importantly, we have a community that is passionate about maintaining and celebrating our values and lifestyle, which are second to none.

“Council is, and will continue to be, focussed on serving the community and shaping our future.

“We will do so with vigour, determination and a clear purpose.”

Mayor Jamieson said we needed to also be alert and ready for the important challenges that came with growth and diversification of the region if the Sunshine Coast was to preserve its enviable lifestyle and strong and safe communities.

“Council will continue to work with, and advocate on behalf of, the community for the future of our region,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“However, it is important to note Council cannot meet all community needs on our own. Our response to social challenges and the opportunities that arise require leadership, collaboration and partnerships between a range of government agencies, organisations and various communities across the region.

“By working together we will build and support an even stronger Sunshine Coast community, living in Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green, diverse.”

The Social Strategy is supported by a background paper that explores social issues, the role of Council, regional challenges and a way forward.

Visit Council's website to view the Sunshine Coast Social Strategy 2015.