Smart parking meters to be installed at Birtinya
  • Tuesday 01 November 2016

Hi-tech parking infrastructure including sensors and smart meters able to be paid and topped up with coins, credit cards and smart phones, will be installed in the Sunshine Coast health precinct at Birtinya.

Sunshine Coast Council Division 3 councillor Peter Cox said from January 30, 2017, the new parking technology would make it easier and more convenient for drivers to find a park, to pay and to top up.

“Passengers will be able to use an EasyPark app to locate the parks for their drivers and, if staying longer than planned, can top up via the app or by calling 1300 734 070 when away from their car for a maximum of two hours,” Cr Cox said.

“This smart technology is being installed in the lead up to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital opening.

“The project is almost completed and we expect hospital staff to start transitioning over the coming months.

“Added to that is the very busy Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.

“Businesses in the area are also coming on line and seeking high vehicle turnover to better service their customers and increase patronage.

“To provide that turnover, two hour parking limits will apply 24/7 on parking bays along Birtinya Blvd, Eccles Blvd, Bright Pl and Shine Ct from November 16.

“While the two hour parking limits apply 24/7, drivers will only be charged for on-street parking between 8am-5pm.”

Cr Cox said while the council would begin installing the smart parking meters and sensors for the 127 on-street parking bays on those streets during the week beginning November 7, they would not become operational until January 30.

“The metered bays, charged at $2.50 per hour for a maximum of two hours, are a convenient and low cost option for people visiting the precinct’s ground level businesses,” Cr Cox said.

“Short-term users have a choice of off-street or on-street parking, depending on their reason for business.

“Long-term users such as patients, visitors and hospital staff will find better value in one of the four secure parking lots located on the Sunshine Coast Health Campus and in the Oceanside Health Hub, so are encouraged to choose cheaper off-street options which are closer to the hospital or their place of business.

 “Hospital staff will also have the option to park in safe, secure and convenient parking at a special discounted rate on the Sunshine Coast Health Campus. 

“Eighty bays along Lake Kawana Blvd will also be 3P 24/7 from November 16, with paid parking possibly installed in the future.”

Cr Cox said nearby residential areas of Birtinya Island and Birtinya Peninsula would be monitored for future parking regulations.

To ensure we maintain the amenity in nearby streets, council will seek to implement timed on-street parking and offer permits to affected residents,” Cr Cox said.

“Should these regulations become necessary, all vehicles – other than those with a residential parking permit – may be restricted to one-hour parking in residential streets.

“Council has begun communicating these proposed regulations to affected residents and property owners and will continue to keep them informed of any changes in the lead up to the hospital opening next year.

“Council has responsibility for only 2% of the parking in the Sunshine Coast health precinct and has taken a well-planned approach to on-street parking at Birtinya.

“This strategy is part of a larger precinct-wide strategy to ensure the right people are parking in the right places and doing so safely.

“The strategy also includes public transport, car-pooling and active transport such as riding and walking.”

Fast facts:

  • 127 metered parking bays along Birtinya Blvd, Eccles Blvd, Bright Pl and Shine Ct. Bays $2.50 per hour maximum of two hours between 8am-5pm from January 30, 2017  (2P 24/7 from November 16)
  • Meters use smart technology and can be topped up with coins, credit cards and smart phones through a specially designed app
  • 80 bays along Lake Kawana Blvd between Kawana Way and Birtinya Blvd, will be 3P 24/7 from November 16, with meters considered in the future.
  • Surrounding streets on Birtinya Island and Birtinya Peninsular will be monitored for future regulations which may include residential parking permits.