Small aircraft emergency at airport
  • Wednesday 01 October 2008

Sunshine Coast Airport

The Sunshine Coast Airport called emergency services into action this afternoon after a twin engine Cessna 310 realised it had problems with its undercarriage and would have trouble landing.

General Manager Peter Pallot said the pilot called in at about 1.40pm advising it had an unsafe indication with its port main gear not locked in place.

“We immediately activated the airport emergency plan with the police, fire and ambulance in attendance in readiness for the landing,” Mr Pallot said.

“The aircraft stayed circling off shore while emergency services and the recovery team assembled.

“The only commercial flight affected was a Jetstar inbound flight from Sydney that was delayed by about 40 minutes.

“The Cessna landed on the main 18/36 runway at approximately 3.15pm without incident and emergency services deployed as a precaution.

“Fortunately, the local pilot was uninjured and the recovered aircraft was recovered to a nearby hanger by airport and engineering staff.

“After the runway was inspected, it was opened and the airport returned to normal operations at 3.40pm.

“In keeping with necessary requirements, the incident will be reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for possible further investigation.”