Significant rain and thunderstorm forecast for Sunday
  • Friday 17 June 2016

The Sunshine Coast is in for a wet weekend, with 20-50mm of widespread rain and a possible thunderstorm expected on Sunday.

Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Coordinator Andrew Ryan said the situation would be closely monitored.

“The heavy rainfall outlook for the Sunshine Coast is not as severe as we first expected, but significant rainfall is still likely,” said Mr Ryan.

“A severe thunderstorm is possible on Sunday, and additional updates and warnings will be issued by the Bureau of Meteorology should that situation develop further.

“As always, the weather can change very quickly so we ask the community to be prepared by securing loose items, and to avoid flooded roads should they occur.

“The Local Disaster Management Group will not be activated at this time but we will keep a close eye on the weather situation until the trough has passed through the region and out to sea, which is expected to happen on Sunday night.

“As the system is developing over land, we don’t expect there to be any beach erosion.

“The tides are smaller than during the recent weather event and the swell height is also less, which should further help to prevent damage to the beaches.

“We urge people to visit council's Disaster Hub website, which is also available via council’s new app, for all the information needed to be prepared before, during and after a severe weather event – including weather warnings and road closures.”