Shaping our future in Division 6
  • Friday 26 June 2015

Improvements to the transportation network, creating great recreational parks and sporting facilities for our youth and a focus on drainage upgrades to improve flood resilience are just a few of the projects to benefit Division 6 residents in Sunshine Coast Council’s 2015/16 budget.

Divisional Councillor Christian Dickson said the $588 million Council budget, which included a $188 million capital works program, was directed at “securing our prosperity, lifestyle and environment as Council continued to shape the future of the Sunshine Coast.

“Transportation projects valued at more than $4.6 million will improve safety and accessibility for motorists, cyclist and pedestrians across the division,” Cr Dickson said.

“Projects include $2.8 million for resealing and rehabilitation of roads; $1.2 million for land acquisition and planning of future road link at Goshawk Blvd between Stringybark and Power Rds; as well as $200,000 to further expand Sippy Downs Dr between Sunshine Motorway and University Way.”

Cr Dickson was particularly enthusiastic about a $200,000 investment to upgrade pathways in the Mountain Creek School precinct.

“These improved pathways and road crossings in areas well travelled by school children will create safer paths for children who walk and ride to school, helping promote Council’s active transport goals for a sustainable future,” he said.

“More than $1 million will be channeled into recreational parks and gardens for the enjoyment of the wider community and visitors.

“The spectacular Buderim Village Park will receive a $455,000 allocation to continue implemnting the landscape plan, with a further $1.1 million to be invested over the next five years to make this a park of regional significance.

“On the sporting front, Elizabeth Daniels Sports Complex will receive a further $200,000 to continue delivery of the masterplan with $1 million earmarked in the next five years and $355,000 will go to the roll out of the Ballinger Park masterplan.

“Improving drainage is a third main focus for Division 6 with $242,000 allocated for works on Syd Lingard Dr, renewal of outlets and waterways along Karawatha Dr and open channel rehabilitation along Buderim Pines Drive.

“These works are necessary and will help improve community resilience against floods during major storm events.

“I look forward to working with the Division 6 communities during the next financial year as we continue to work together in shaping a positive future.”

The 2015/16 budget Division 6 capital works allocations include:

  • $2.8 million for road reseal and pavement rehabilitation
  • $1.2 million for the acquisition and planning of future road link between Stringybark Rd and Power Rd along Goshawk Blvd
  • $455,500 for the staged implementation of Buderim Village Park, Buderim     
  • $355,000 for the Ballinger Park, Buderim Master Plan implementation
  • $200,000 towards the design of Sipy Downs Dr, Sippy Downs, between Sunshine Motorway and University Way
  • $200,000 for improved pedestrian and cyclist enabling facilities in the Mountain Creek State School Precinct
  • $200,000 for the Elizabeth Daniels Sports Complex Master Plan implementation
  • $120,000 for drainage improvements along Syd Lingard Dr, Buderim
  • $80,000 towards street lighting on Stringybark Rd, Buderim     
  • $60,000 for playground renewal at Quota Hideaway Park, Mountain Creek    
  • $60,000 for the renewal of outlets and water ways along the Karawatha Dr, Mountain Creek network
  • $50,000 towards the Mountain Creek Lakes revetment wall renewal   
  • $50,000 to replace the footbridge at Edgewater Lakes Park
  • $41,000 to upgrade Karawatha Dr, Mountain Creek
  • $40,000 to install vehicle activated speed signage on Alfriston Dr, Buderim
  • $32,000 towards the Buderim Pines Dr, Buderim Open Channel Rehab
  • $30,000 for the Toral Dr, Buderim Open Channel Rehabilitation          
  • $25,000 for the renewal of the Mountain Creek Environmental Reserve Western Fire Trail
  • $20,000 for Kawana Way, Mountain Creek cycle ramps
  • $11,000 for the Buderim Cemetery internal road renewal         
  • $10,000 towards the Mountain Creek Lakes pathway renewal