Severe weather warning for the Sunshine Coast
  • Tuesday 10 March 2009

Cyclone Hamish has been downgraded to a severe weather warning for the Sunshine Coast with residents tonight being asked to remain vigilant as high tides and storm surge from the cyclone continue to cause beach erosion and some minor flooding.

Tonight, the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), which includes representatives from council and all Queensland emergency services, is urging residents to be aware but not alarmed as the region experiences some of the highest tides of the year over the next few days.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot called on residents to not become complacent despite the downgrading of the threat and to be aware of what was happening around them.

“We all know what areas of the Sunshine Coast flood during high tide and storm events so I am calling on our community to be aware of this and to take appropriate precautions tonight as we wait for this evening’s high tide and again tomorrow morning when the tide is expected to be even higher.

“Those high tides will be during the morning drive times – so on your way to work or dropping the kids of at school be aware that in some places there may be water over the roads and, if needs be, take an alternative route.

“Council is also monitoring all those known flood areas, and the region generally, and will provide both warnings and on the ground help, alongside our emergency services, to the community as required.

“The important thing is to be aware but not alarmed – clear out drains and guttering to allow water to get away.

“Be aware of the dangers of flash flooding in drains, creeks and causeways – we know it happens here after heavy rain so stay away from these areas.

“Do not attempt to cross flooded roadways.- and don’t switch off - listen to local radio stations for the latest information.”

As at 5pm this evening, no roads were closed due to flooding on the Sunshine Coast.

Tips for residents and visitors include:

  • Listening to regular weather and safety updates from media outlets including your local ABC Radio and on-line at
  • Monitoring flood reports and instructions
  • Following instructions by emergency authorities and react to changing conditions
  • Avoid entering or driving through flood waters even if you are in the comfort of a four wheel drive vehicle
  • In known flood areas, take an alternative route

For SES assistance or to obtain sandbags and sand, telephone 132 500. For life-threatening emergencies only dial triple zero (000).

For more information on current cyclone information or how to be prepared visit or