Senseless vandalism pollutes Creek
  • Saturday 01 August 2009

Natural Areas Officers spent the past two days cleaning Cranks Creek in Tewantin, after acts of mindless vandalism left the Creek strewn with rubbish.

Council responded after a local man reported that vandals had removed polystyrene blocks from a nearby building site, and taken them to Cranks Creek to build a cubby house.

Natural Areas Officer Shane Hokanson said that when his team arrived to investigate, they found polystyrene floating down the creek and the remains of a cubby house stuck in a tree above the water.

“This time we were lucky, someone reported the incident and we were able to act quickly, removing most of the polystyrene before it could cause too much damage,” Mr Hokanson said.

“Polystyrene never breaks down and if left unchecked in the creek, it could have caused serious damage to fish, mammals and water quality.

“We believe the culprits have been identified and are being dealt with and hopeful that they will be involved in the environmental clean up and restoration of the area.

“By understanding the importance of cause and effect within fragile ecosystems, the vandals will hopefully appreciate it and think before they act,” Mr Hokanson said.

Manager of Environmental Operations Chris Allan said that vandalism costs ratepayers thousands each year.

“Every time officers are dispatched to clean up vandalism, resources are being taken away from important environmental protection projects,” Mr Allan said

“If you see anyone causing destruction to property, flora or fauna, contact 000.”