School communities embrace smart ways to travel
  • Monday 01 February 2010

With the new school year underway, Sunshine Coast Council is encouraging parents and students to embrace environmentally-friendly modes of transport­ such as walking, cycling, car-pooling and buses.

Sunshine Coast Council’s Integrated Transport Portfolio holder, Councillor Vivien Griffin, said council’s TravelSmart Team is working with local school communities to promote sustainable transport practices.

“TravelSmart Sunshine Coast is a voluntary travel behaviour change program,’’ Cr Griffin said.

“It aims to engage with our community to reduce reliance on cars by encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly modes of transport where possible.

“Everyone who walks, cycles, carpools or catches public transport helps to reduce traffic congestion around our schools– and that also helps make it safer for everyone.”

“Travelling smart even one day a week can help to reduce traffic congestion, parking problems, greenhouse gas emissions – and increase health, fitness and overall wellbeing.”

The TravelSmart team is encouraging parents across the region to consider leaving the car at home, or parking 500m or more away from school, and walking or cycling to school.

They offer the following tips for safe walking and cycling to school:

  • Plan your journey beforehand
  • Walk or ride on the footpath
  • Always walk or cycle with a friend or parent
  • Always wear a correctly fitted bicycle helmet
  • Watch out for pedestrians and cars and
  • Wear bright or reflective clothing