Sunshine Coast Council provides a safer walk to school
  • Friday 05 February 2016

The students of Little Mountain now have a safer and easier walk to school, following the completion of a new footpath that crosses a small water course.

Division One Councillor Rick Baberowski said the footpath made life a lot easier for local residents.

“The new footpath that crosses the Bellvista western drainage easement is more attractive, less muddy, and provides a safe avenue for local pedestrians to cross between Little Mountain and Bellvista,” Cr Baberowski said.

“Since many of the users of this well-used informal crossing point are children, the introduction of a formal crossing point over the drain represents a significant improvement in terms of community safety, as the track that had developed over time was often muddy and vulnerable to flooding.”

The 240 metre long, and 1.8 metres wide, footpath connects Ghostgum Close to Crater Street, and features a cycle-friendly surface and flood markers.

“As well as the communities of Little Mountain and Bellvista, I am really pleased to see this project completed as encouraging children to walk to school safely has obvious health benefits.

“The provision of a wider network of footpaths also contributes to reducing traffic on our region’s roads, supporting council’s sustainability goals,” Cr Baberowski said.  

“This is the second pathway council has provided this term to better link these two communities and increase the potential use of community facilities and shops.”

Image caption: Katelyn Perrow yr 6, Isaac Lindsay yr 1 and Cloe Perrow yr 6 enjoy an easier and safer walk to school.