SCRC not holding up Stockland Park Stadium plans
  • Saturday 21 June 2008

Sunshine Coast Council refutes claims they have ‘dropped the ball’ and are holding up the process for the development of a $23 million, 12,000 seat stadium at Stockland Park.

Division 3 Councillor, Keryn Jones and Service Delivery Chair, Paul Tatton have been elected as the Sunshine Coast Council representatives to join the Stockland Park board. Cr Jones says it is not the council who is holding up the development.

“Five million dollars has been pledged by the Federal Government, but the funding agreement is still being written,” she said. “This could take up to six months and the Government has warned we must not start anything until the agreement is finalised.”

“The new Sunshine Coast Council is currently reviewing the original plans and the business case, which were drafted under the old Caloundra City Council, but this review will be completed before the funding agreement is finalised.”

“Only two councillors completely understand the history of the complex project and it would be negligent for the new council to finalise anything without a thorough understanding of all potential outcomes,” Cr Jones said.

“The anticipated cost of the project has already escalated by $2.5 million from the original proposal, potentially increasing council’s contribution to $8 million, plus significant ongoing operational costs,” she said. “The review is simply a matter of fiscal responsibility and due diligence.”

The council also rejects claims the review is jeopardising the relationship with project partner, TAFE.

“TAFE is still actively working with council representatives and are aware of the Federal Government funding conditions,” said Cr Jones.

The new facility may potentially displace some current sporting activities, however Cr Jones ensures that if this occurs, these groups and clubs will have equivalent facilities made available to them.

Cr Jones said council looks forward to discussing the project in greater detail with the Quad Park board, and as a new board member is looking forward to being a part of the exciting future.