Road safety campaign will help save lives
  • Wednesday 13 October 2010

Sunshine Coast Council launched its Share with Care road safety campaign today to help reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on Sunshine Coast roads.

Integrated Transport Portfolio holder Councillor Vivien Griffin said pedestrians and cyclists make up over 10% of the serious road casualties in the region - most involve a collision with a motor vehicle and nearly all are preventable.

”With new cycle infrastructure coming online across the Coast, educating road users how to use it is essential for their safety,” Cr Griffin said

“There are different rules from state to state so whether it’s a green cycle lane or a new pathway, users will need to be aware of the rules.

“Rolling out this education campaign in line with new infrastructure will hopefully result in safer roads, which in turn might encourage more people to leave the car at home.”

Council joined the Amy Gillett Foundation Share with Care campaign to help promote the message of road safety awareness in the Region.

The local campaign kicked off with a message that has been widely promoted by the cycling safety charity,—a metre matters

A metre matters is a simple but important first message in the campaign. It involves motor vehicles leaving one metre between themselves and cyclists and if it’s not safe to pass a cyclist, brake and wait.

Amy Gillett Foundation CEO Tracey Gaudry said the emphasis that the Sunshine Coast Council has placed on mutual care and responsibility for safety by all road and pathway users is impressive, and is wholeheartedly supported by the Foundation.

“A positive change to attitudes and behaviours will make a most significant impact to increasing safety and participation in cycling,” Ms Gaudry said.

She said that cyclists have a role to play in ensuring their own safety.

“Riders need to abide by road rules, which dictate they only cycle two abreast when safe to do so,” Ms Gaudry said.

“Much of the antagonism between cyclists and motorists is caused by a few in each camp doing the wrong thing.

“This campaign promotes simple messages that will hopefully help everyone understand how to share the road safely.

“This is especially important with new cycle treatments coming online across the Coast, with which all users will need to familiarise themselves.”

Key rules for road users

  • A white symbol in a bike lane means this is for the exclusive use of cyclists; motor vehicles can only enter these lanes when turning.
  • A yellow symbol indicates a shared area; in these areas it is very important that drivers wait until there is sufficient room to pass.
  • Green paint on the road highlights areas of potential conflict between cyclists and motor vehicles, often used at entries and exits of intersections and roundabouts and across slip lanes.
  • Riders should be considerate of drivers when choosing to cycle two abreast, they should indicate clearly and make sure they are visible.
  • Motorists should leave at least one metre between the side of their vehicle and cyclists and if this is not possible, brake and wait.
  • Motorists should always indicate correctly, and check blind spots before manoeuvring.
  • Pathways are shared areas, cyclists need to make sure they are riding at an appropriate speed, should install a bell and warn pedestrians when they are coming.
  • Everyone needs to keep to the left on pathways and pedestrians should take care not to block the path.

The Share with Care campaign will address four elements of road safety 
1. A metre matters – in partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation
2. Bicycle lanes and Green cycle lanes
3. Bicycle awareness zones and
4. Sharing pathways safely.

Further information and brochures are available on council’s website