Recycle right at Christmas
  • Wednesday 17 December 2014

Sunshine Coast Council is urging local residents to maintain good recycling habits during the festive season.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the Christmas and New Year period typically resulted in an increase of waste disposed of in household bins.

“In January this year council collected 7259 tonnes of recycled waste which was around 850 tonnes more than was collected in June – that’s about the equivalent weight of two humpback whales,” she said.

“About three quarters of this increased amount came from kerbside recycle bins so that just goes to show how much extra paper, cardboard, glass and other household recyclables are disposed of around this time of year.”

Cr McKay said it was important for residents to familiarize themselves with what should and shouldn’t go in their household recycle (yellow lid) bins.

“The waste disposal booklet that council sent to all housholds earlier this year is a terrific guide that lists what to place in your various household bins,” she said.

“Typical Christmas items like wrapping paper and cardboard can be placed in recycle bins while ribbons and plastic celaphane goes in the general waste bin.

“Plastics that have the recycling triangle displayed on them with the numbers 1-6 can also be placed in the recycle bin along with dry cardboards, glass bottles and jars and aluminium and steel cans and aerosols.

“If you’re in doubt about whether or not an item should go in the recycle bin, leave it out.”

“Sunshine Coast residents have really improved their recycling habits over recent years and of the thousands of tonnes of recycled waste that is collected from kerbside bins and sent to our Materials Recovery Centre, only around 5% of that on average is not recyclable,” she said.

Cr McKay urged locals and visitors to be considerate when disposing of general food waste over the Christmas period.

“If you’re buying prawns it is best to freeze the heads and place them in the bin on your collection day,” she said.

“Complaints are sometimes received around this time of year when people do the wrong thing and dispose of their waste in public place bins causing odours that are unpleasant to other local residents.

“If you run out of room in your bin you can call council’s customer service and request an additional collection.”