Reckless acts ruining delicate dunes
  • Thursday 10 February 2011

Stop destroying our dunes!

That’s the plea from Sunshine Coast Council and local residents after foolish acts on the sands at Wurtulla Beach last weekend.

Partygoers trampled delicate dunes beside beach access 56 and left a trail of litter just days after council had completed more than $5000 worth of works in the area to steer beachgoers away from damaged areas.

Environment portfolio holder and Division 3 Councillor Keryn Jones said the damage to the dunes was thoughtless.

"Our beaches are part of what makes the Sunshine Coast special but unfortunately some people aren’t treating them with the care and respect they deserve," she said.

" Our coastal dunes are precious assets that hold back the sea and protect our low lying communities and they are only held together by very fragile vegetation which is destroyed by foot traffic.

"The area that was trampled at Wurtulla was an old beach access walkway that had been recently closed down by council because it was damaged and no longer safe.

"Local residents reported this destructive act to me this week and sent pictures of the mess and they too are fed up.

"Walkways are there for a reason and that is to provide safe access to beaches and protect the very delicate sand dune system.

"We’re seeing too many similar incidents to this along the Sunshine Coast where sand dunes are damaged and litter is left where it shouldn’t be."