Ratepayer dollars down the drain
  • Saturday 06 December 2008

Councillor Christian Dickson witnessed the $2000 clean up, necessary after acts of bushland vandalism caused excessive damage to native vegetation in Mountain Creek Conservation Reserve.

Cr Dickson said that the level of vandalism at this site was extreme but unfortunately not rare, as he watched contractors in action today.

“We believe the destruction has been caused by youths making bike ramps & camps,” Cr Dickson said.

“Vandalism is essentially counter productive to boredom as the money spent on the clean up could be better spent on facilities such as skate bowls and youth projects.

“Mountain Creek is one of several local reserves where excessive vandalism is hampering revegetation works, and costing ratepayers thousands.

“We need to get tough with vandals. Most of us live here because it’s not a concrete jungle, we need to keep it that way.

“If you see anyone causing destruction to property, flora or fauna, contact 000.”

Contractors spent several hours fixing the damage to vegetation and removing rubbish in the Mountain Creek reserve today.

Bushland regenerators are constantly working in the bushland conservation reserves managing environmental weeds and removing escapee garden plants. Residents can assist council by disposing of garden waste properly, and educating children about the importance of native bush.