Rate rise to be kept under inflation rate
  • Friday 10 June 2011

Sunshine Coast Council looks set to keep any rate rise in this month’s budget below the rate of inflation.

At a special budget meeting this week council gave its strongest indication yet that rates would be kept as low as possible.

Finance Portfolio Councillor Chris Thompson said despite its costs rising markedly – the power bill alone has gone up by 13 per cent – council would try and absorb most of the increases.

“We know people are doing it tough – and we’re trying to play our part by keeping downward pressure on rate rises,” Cr Thompson said.

“It’s not easy making ends meet at the moment, which is why we’ve done everything we can to protect residents.

“At this stage the rate rise looks to be about 3.5 per cent – which is below the inflation rate for South East Queensland.

“Costs for councils in this part of Queensland have actually gone up by 7.5 per cent, but through responsible financial management Sunshine Coast Council will pass on less than half of that.

“Council will also spend a record amount on infrastructure – $190 million – in the next financial year, and more than $1.25 billion over the next decade.”