Putting the Sunshine Coast on the map
  • Saturday 11 June 2011

More and more, Sunshine Coast Council is being asked to deliver information and feedback about our region – in simple-to-understand map format.

Council is seeking to meet that demand from residents and industry groups in terms of planning, topography, weather impacts – even services and significant geographical locations.

You can now see this information revolution evolving, first-hand, through council’s MyMaps site.

Council’s Spatial Information Manager, Martin Browne, said MyMaps has grown out of council’s original Maproom system which was falling out of date and was difficult for the uninitiated to use.

"We have demand from developers and the public for information about planning schemes, properties, development applications, land contours, stormwater, and a host of other issues," he said.

"The new flood mapping has also increased demand for online mapping information."

Mr Browne said as the site evolves, he wanted to add more information for families and businesses considering re-location to the Coast.

"Already there is information about transport routes and locations of schools, libraries, public buildings and parks," he said.

In time, all council civil projects, road repair works and capital works projects will be available on the map, displaying just how much on-the-ground activity is taking place at any one time.

"We will have many business and communication links and already displaying council tender coverage areas.

"We are trying to help people help themselves, especially those who may have difficulty in paying a visit to our customer service centres or logging a call with us."

Mr Browne said MyMaps, while already containing a mass of information, is a work-in-progress and feedback from the community was important.

"The site has a ‘help’ button to assist users in navigating the site; it also has a ‘contact us’ button should you want to let us know your thoughts and ideas about the site," he said.