Public transport makes Palmview sustainable
  • Thursday 25 June 2009

Sunshine Coast Council Integrated Transport portfolio holder, Vivien Griffin is crystal clear – Palmview without a public transport network is not sustainable

The revised Palmview Position Paper (PPP) bears this out.

The Paper focuses on changes to the delivery of public transport services and infrastructure to ensure they are in sync with development, aid the change from private car trips to fast, frequent public transport, support affordable living and minimise traffic and amenity impacts on Sippy Downs and Chancellor Park.

Councillor Vivien Griffin said council’s stance on transport and infrastructure for Palmview put the vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region firmly on the map.

“The PPP lays out a world-class, transit orientated community at Palmview with a dedicated public transport, cycle and pedestrian network – called the Greenlink – at the heart of the development,” Cr Griffin said.

“The Greenlink corridor and services run north to south connecting Palmview with the Sippy Downs Town Centre via the University of Sunshine Coast transport hub, and east to west to the future Sunshine Coast University hospital, Kawana town centre and Kawana CAMCOS station and the greater Sunshine Coast transport network.

“It has been designed to safely carry buses and cyclists along separate, dedicated lanes and aligned to take pressure off existing road access at Sippy Downs, in particular Spring Hill Drive and University Way.”

Cr Griffin said council has made the Greenlink a precondition of development at Palmview.

“Sustainable living calls for behavioural changes,” Cr Griffin said.

“But because you can’t change without something attractive to change to, the north-south Greenlink corridor needs to be complete and operational before housing construction starts so that from the outset, new residents have transport alternatives at their doorstep.”

The east-west corridor is to be operational following the sequenced development across the Palmview site.

The Palmview Position Paper is a strategic planning document informing the drafting of planning scheme amendments including the Palmview Structure Plan together with related infrastructure planning documents and funding arrangements for the Palmview Structure Plan Area.

Once completed, the draft planning scheme amendments will be forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning for consideration. Subject to the State’s approval, the planning scheme amendments will then be placed on public display.

To view the revised Palmview Position Paper visit council’s website.