Public safety concerns force Poinciana replacement
  • Thursday 31 March 2011

A number of decaying Poinciana trees in Buderim will be removed and replaced due to safety concerns.

Sunshine Coast Council is set to remove two Poinciana trees from the corner of Bell, Orme and Gloucester Roads and 95 Burnett Street in the coming days. A specimen deemed hazardous was today removed from near the intersection of Church and King Streets.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said removing Poincianas was a last resort for council but at times necessary in the interest of safety.

"Poinciana trees have pride of place in Buderim but a number have become unstable and unsafe lately due to their age as well as a decaying fungal condition that has thrived in the recent wet weather," he said.

"Once aging Poincianas are affected by this fungal disease there are no viable treatment options and they can eventually break and fall over.

Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said council closely monitored Buderim’s Poinciana population and had historically removed three trees per year on average, due to safety concerns.

"Poinciana decline has accelerated in recent times due to the age of many trees and six have had to be removed so far in 2011 to alleviate safety fears," he said.

"While council’s general policy is not to introduce new plantings of Poincianas due to their susceptibility to decay and conflict with intrastructure, the species is replanted in places like Buderim where avenues of these trees exist.

"So all of the Poincianas that are removed in the interest of public safety will be replaced during council’s annual tree planting program that is carried out between December and February."