Protect the region’s drinking water with backflow prevention devices
  • Monday 19 September 2016

Did you know approximately 2700 properties within our region have backflow devices installed?

Approximately 10,000 devices are currently installed within the 2700 properties and with the continual growth of our region, every day the device count increases. The Sunshine Coast Council area is fast becoming an extremely attractive destination for innovate business, education, medical, tourism, and most importantly, offers an environment that is increasingly appealing to young families, through to retirees.

A backflow prevention device is used to stop the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source into the region’s drinking water supply. Backflow devices are installed to protect the internal premise and town water supply, as the risk of contamination can be managed by installing these devices.

Council has a statutory obligation to maintain a register for the maintenance and testing of backflow prevention devices installed in our region. If you are an owner of a backflow prevention device, you have a responsibility to have the device registered with council, and at least once each year, have the device inspected and tested by a licensed plumber endorsed in backflow prevention. It is the responsibility of the plumber to forward the test results to council within ten business days of testing the device/s. The test results are recorded in council’s register which is used to ensure that the installed devices are regularly inspected and tested, to protect the health of our community.