Preparing for a Sudden Deluge
  • Wednesday 09 November 2016
LDMG meeting at Operation Sudden Deluge

The Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) was put to the test today in a real-time practice exercise.

Exercise Sudden Deluge was a realistic scenario based on a supercell severe weather event affecting widespread areas of the Sunshine Coast.

It tested the readiness of the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), police, fire, ambulance, SES and other services.

Watch the video here:

LDMG acting chair Deputy Mayor Cr Tim Dwyer said the joint services exercise tested systems and processes for the upcoming summer storm season to ensure they are ready if needed.

“This year we tested severe storm related preparedness,” Cr Dwyer said.

“Our exercise focussed on flash flooding, evacuation processes, emergency broadcasting and warnings, and a scenario involving one of our dams.

“Across the state we see the consequences and disruption caused by severe weather events.

“As we live in a subtropical climate, we need to be aware and prepared for these types of weather events.

“Council, our emergency services, our volunteer groups, and the community all have a role in building resilience to natural disasters.

“Our key goals for this exercise were first and foremost the protection of our community and testing our communication processes.

“We had all our emergency services agencies and volunteer support partners here today to test our plans and to ensure that we come together to coordinate the necessary response and recovery activities required.

“We have put the Sunshine Coast Disaster Management Plan and the LDMG member agency plans into action, so that we can test and continually improve our disaster coordination preparedness.”

Exercise Sudden Deluge linked in with the State Government and RACQ “Get Ready” initiative, which urges all Queenslanders to be prepared for this year’s storm season.

Sunshine Coast LDMG co-ordinator Andrew Ryan said the training exercise and Get Ready campaign were timely reminders for residents to be prepared for disaster events, whether they were man-made or natural disasters.

“The LDMG is here to help when disaster hits, but it is very much a shared responsibility to ensure our Sunshine Coast is resilient to the impacts of disasters,” Mr Ryan said.

“It’s important for residents to prepare their homes in advance of the summer storm season, to have an emergency plan in place, organise an emergency kit, prepare an evacuation plan and tune into warnings and emergency advice.

“And if disaster does occur, don’t forget to check on your neighbours and keep your pets safe too.

“We always prepare for the worst, but hope for the best and for minimal impact when severe weather comes our way.

“We encourage people to visit council’s Disaster Hub website ( – a one stop shop for all disaster information, including road closures, weather conditions, emergency warnings and community advice messages issued during a weather event.”


Pic: Sunshine Coast LDMG meeting during Operation Sudden Deluge