Popular rowing club closer to gaining extra storage
  • Thursday 20 April 2017
Sunshine Coast Rowing Club

The Sunshine Coast Rowing Club has successfully applied to council to extend a building on Chambers Island at Maroochydore to provide extra storage for its equipment.

The club is one of the user groups on the island, operating on a lease site held by the Maroochy Sailing Club.

The proposed building extension, agreed to by council today (April 20), covers around 85.5 square metres.

Division 8 Cr Jason O’Pray said an expanded building would allow the rowing club to store expensive equipment that is currently left outdoors.

“This is a terrific club whose membership continues to grow,” Cr O’Pray said.

“The facility is used seven days a week by rowers young and old who want to be healthy and active, as well as being involved in competition regattas.

“They have had to keep some equipment outside which isn’t ideal, but now will have the opportunity to have everything safely stored inside.”

Today’s endorsement by council included the condition that any proposed extension must be designed to mitigate the potential for future tidal inundation.