Pomona to Cooroy – for two bucks
  • Wednesday 20 April 2011

There is a handy ‘bus’ – well it’s actually a taxi – service available to Cooroy and Pomona residents who need to travel between the two townships.

And travellers on the service, in either direction, only pay $2 each way (and just $1 for a child).

It is part of a range of Flexilink services introduced across the Coast, funded by Sunshine Coast Council’s public transport levy to help smaller communities link up without the need of a car.

The service, which runs via Black Mountain Range Road and Cudgerie, is ideal for parties of up to 10 who may want to visit shops, markets, or attend a special event, and could be utilised by clubs or retirement villages to ferry groups back and forth.

The trouble is, although the service has been available since May last year, it hasn’t been getting used much.

So it’s the old story: if you don’t use it, you lose it – in this case, by June 30 2011.

Bookings are easy – just call 1300 511 163 (at least two hours ahead of intended departure) and choose from three daily services, Monday to Saturday. If you need wheelchair access, just say so when you book.

The route starts from Cooroy’s town centre, along Mary River Road, via Black Mountain and Cudgerie, and into Pomona’s centre at Reserve and Memorial Drive, with the same way back.

By arrangement, you meet the vehicle wherever you need to, along the route.

In most cases, the times will ensure a link-up with other public transport services (hence the Flexilink name).

Divisional councillor Lew Brennan said the Sunshine Coast Council Travelsmart transport team had put together a great service for Pomona and Cooroy out of the transport levy.

"It isn't easy for people to make changes to their day to day lives and sometimes that is reflected in the slow take up of new transport services," he said.

"The next few months will give people a chance to try the taxi and it will give us a good opportunity to assess its need."