Pomona residents say goodbye to septic tanks
  • Friday 24 April 2009

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has today approved a $5.3M scheme to connect 460 houses in the urban area of Pomona to the council’s sewerage network.

The Pomona Sewerage Scheme Stage 2 will construct more than 16km of pipeline and two sewerage pump stations, connecting properties to the Cooroy Waste Water Treatment Plant and allowing residents to say goodbye to the septic tanks that currently service their properties.

Major Projects Portfolio chair, Councillor Debbie Blumel, said that the scheme will both meet the needs of the growing population in the Pomona area and will save the environmental health of Cooroora Creek.

“The community in this area has been promised connection to the sewerage network and it is great to be able to deliver on that promise, particularly as many residents have problems with their septic tanks during heavy rain,” Cr Blumel said.

“All property owners have been part of the consultation process and have been given detailed plans showing the extent of works to be carried out on their properties.

“Being connected to the network will alleviate any concerns that owners downstream of some of the worst failing septic systems may have about adverse environmental and health impacts.

“The water quality of Cooroora Creek will also be saved from septic tank runoff once the properties are connected, so this project is a win for both residents and the environment.

“This project will use new sewer and low pressure sewer construction technology which uses electrofusion-jointed polyethylene pipeline and manhole systems. This effectively creates a seamless pipeline system, reducing stormwater infiltration or root intrusion.

“We expect that the new Pomona system will have significantly less infiltration and root intrusion problems due to the electro-welded connections.

“This new technology costs more than comparable conventional rubber ring jointed UPVC pipeline and pre-cast concrete manhole systems. However, it is expected to have the long-term benefit of reduced whole of life asset costs.”

M&K Pipelines (Qld) won a competitive tender for the project with works expected to begin in May this year.