Please don’t dump your unwanted animals
  • Wednesday 17 June 2020
kolora park, palmwoods, animals, pound, birds

Kolora Park in Palmwoods is not only a favourite destination for locals and tourists, it’s also a favourite for many types of native birds and wildlife.

Unfortunately, there have been, and continue to be, cases of domestic animals such as roosters, geese and fowl, being dumped at the park, which causes stress for the existing wildlife and is also extremely harmful to the welfare of the domestic birds.

Sunshine Coast Council Division Five Councillor Winston Johnston has urged residents not to dump their unwanted animals at the park.

“We understand that there could be many reasons why residents are no longer able to care for their birds, however dumping them at the park is not the answer,” Cr Johnston said.

“Domestic fowl that are used to being cared for are unlikely to survive in the wild.

“If you are no longer able to look after your birds, and you are unable to find another suitable home for them, council’s Sippy Creek Animal Pound will take them in at no cost and will arrange for them to be rehomed through our wonderful rehoming partners.”

To surrender unwanted animals, the Sippy Creek Animal Pound is open Monday – Friday, 8.15am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – noon and can be contacted on 5439 8000.

If you would like to adopt an animal, contact one of council’s rehoming partners below: