Plan to ensure our heritage is a gift for the future
  • Monday 24 August 2015
Climbers 1932

A five-year plan of activities aimed at identifying, conserving and celebrating the region’s valued traditions, memories, places and artefacts has been endorsed by Sunshine Coast Council.

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said as the Sunshine Coast region evolved as a result of population growth and development, Council needed to ensure that it had appropriate tools in place to protect, conserve and celebrate our rich and diverse heritage.

“The Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020 is a key initiative of the Sunshine Coast Social Strategy which demonstrates Council’s commitment to develop a framework to guide the identification, protection, consideration and management of the region’s heritage," Cr McKay said.

“Importantly, Council’s future actions around heritage conservation and management are guided by the Plan’s vision that Our heritage is our gift for the future.

“In that vision, Council recognises that the Sunshine Coast’s heritage can only be conserved if we act in a planned and coordinated way.

“The Heritage Plan aims to provide Council with a coordinated local approach while understanding the heritage roles and responsibilities of State and Federal governments.”

Cr McKay said the Heritage Plan provided a tool to guide future funding through the Heritage Levy Program and identified five priority outcome areas which would allow Council to set a solid foundation to conserve and manage heritage both now and into the future.

“Consultation occurred with key stakeholders from September 2014 to February 2015 including the Sunshine Coast Cultural Heritage Reference Group, the region’s Traditional Owners, the broader community and a network of heritage-related organisations to prepare the Heritage Plan,” Cr McKay said.

“Overall, the surveys demonstrated our community highly values the diversity of cultural heritage we have here on the Sunshine Coast.

“One of the most highly valued aspects of cultural heritage expressed by the community was natural landscapes and landmarks, including mountains, foreshore and rural landscapes.

"Heritage buildings, towns and streetscapes were also seen as important, followed by Indigenous heritage and areas of Indigenous cultural significance.

“The feedback obtained through the public exhibition and comment period has helped to strengthen and refine the finalisation of the Heritage Plan.

"Community feedback has also assisted to reinforce the high values that the community places on cultural heritage and where the community believes Council’s role and priorities for heritage should be positioned.”

Visit Council’s website to view a copy of the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020.